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Tribute to Lex Barker

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Wenn du bei mir bist

Wenn du bei mir bist



Captain Schneider and his Crew fly to Bangkok to take over a plain. On their way co-pilote Chris Bergen falls in love with the thai princess Tamani. But she is engaged to a prince since her childhood.

Stewardess Angelica is secretly and desperately very much in love with her captain Schneider , who rates as an old ill-tempered bachelor but is in love with Angelica, too, only even more secret. A telephone joke by Chiefsteward Tobby finally remedies the complicated situation...

Chiefsteward Tobby doesn't realize that he is misused as a carrier for stolen jewellery.

Last feature film with Lex!



Kapitän Schneider, Dubbing actor: Wolf Ackva Sound file of German dubbing actor (52 Kb)
Chris Bergen
Prinzessin Tamani
Angelika John
Joe Falk




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