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Pyramid of the Sun God

Die Pyramide des Sonnengottes



Dr. Sternau, badly hurt during his fight with Verdoja, is found by the Chichimecs an taken as a prisoner but his companions Hasenpfeffer, Wilson and Potoca manage to free him in time.

Verdoja, discharged by Juarez, allies with the Chichimecs to search for the Aztecs' treasure. Additionally he conspires with the French and with Josefa to dispose of Sternau.

Don Alfonso still courts Karja and proposes to her so she will tell him where the Aztecs' treasure is hidden. He is successful — Karja reveals the secret to him. Now he doesn't need her anymore and throws her down an cliff but fortunately Lt. Potoca is able to save her from certain death.

Now Verdoja follows Alfonso to learn where the treasure is hidden. Additionally he attacks the hacienda and kidnaps Sternau and his friends. Sternau manages to free himself, and with the help of Lt. Potoca, his men and the vacqueros he is able to free his companions, too.

In the meantime Alfonso finds the treasure, overwhelmed by the glittering gold...


French actor Gérard Barray (Don Alfonso) and Spaniard Teresa Lorca (Karja) fell in love during the shooting of this two-parter and they are still happily married. They both guest starred in 2009 at the German Karl-May Gala in Berlin.



Dr. Karl Sternau,  Dubbing actor: Gert Günther Hoffmann Sound file of German dubbing actor (86 Kb)
Count Alfonso di Rodriganda y Sevilla
Captain Verdoja
Rosita Arbellez
Lieutenant Potoca
André Hasenpfeffer
Frank Wilson
Don Pedro Arbellez




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