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Tribute to Lex Barker

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Il Figlio del Corsaro Rosso

Die Vergeltung des Roten Korsaren



Count Enrico di Ventimiglia, son of the late Red Corsaire, cruises the seas as a pirate trying to find the traitor who destroyed his family. He finally finds him and learns that his sister who he considered dead is still alive.

Searching for her he sees the Marquesa di Montelimar again which he first met on the traior's ship and falls in love with her. Unfortunately the gouvernor of Panama is intriguing against Enrico's sister because her being the heiress of the throne of the Darien, a rich Indian tribe. A race against time starts...

Colorful well played swashbuckler with a nice soundtrack. First movie Lex Barker shot in Italy.

Part of the wonderful soundtrack: (383 Kb)



Graf Enrico di Ventimiglia,  Dubbing actor: Reinhard Glemnitz Sound file of German dubbing actor (58 Kb)
Carmen di Montelimar
Marquese di Montelimar, the Gouvernor




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