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Duel on the Mississippi

Die Intrigen der Lili Scarlett



Plantation owners in Louisiana worry about their cane crops frequently stolen by river pirates. When the Tulanes' sugar is stolen, too, Jules Tulanes can't pay his due and has to go on trial before the court.

Pretty Lili Scarlett who owns the bond, forces André, son of Jules Tulane, to be her slave for three years to protect his father from being thrown to jail. Nevertheless André and his friends want to set a trap for the pirates. But Lili is involved there, too...



André Tulane,  Dubbing actor: Lutz Schnell Sound file of German dubbing actor (222 Kb)  Sound file of German dubbing actor (90 Kb)  Sound file of German dubbing actor (120 Kb)
Lili Scarlett
Hugo Marat
Jules Tulane
Jacques Scarlett




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