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Tribute to Lex Barker

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This site is dedicated to unforgotten actor Lex Barker. Here you can find information about his life, his movies and career. Current news can be found here even though Lex Barker passed away way too young more than 30 years ago.

News can be found on this page or on page News and tidbits The latest updates are mentioned on the bottom of this page. Enjoy surfing on these sites and thank you for visiting! By the way: I'd appreciate entries in my guestbook

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12-01-2021: Arlene Dahl has passed away

American actress Arlene Dahl, Lex Barker's second wife, passed away on November 16th 2021 aged 96 in New York. Though Lex and Arlene were married only for a short time, they stayed friends. Arlene had a good relationship to Christopher Barker, Lex' son, too.

An interview with Arlene Dahl can be found on the official Barker site.

11-28-2021: Marie Versini has passed away

Marie Versini

Marie Versini, Winnetou's famous sister in "Apache Gold" has passed away aged 81.

She also played Tschita in "Der Schut" as well as Ingdscha in "Durchs wilde Kurdistan" and "Im Reich des silbernen Löwen", all three movies opposite Lex Barker. Later she played Nscho-Tschi once again in "Winnetou und sein Freund Old Firehand". So one of the last contemporaries of that time has gone - she will be missed.

An interview can be found here on the official Lex-Barker site.

Foto: TT 2013

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2021-12-11 Barkwatch: Lex on German TV - christmas schedule is coming!
2019-10-05 Tarzan's Savage Fury: Pictures and German Sound added
2019-05-08 La Dolce Vita: Pictures and two sounds (German speaker) added
2018-08-03 News and tidbits: Lex Barker in German Spy Museum Berlin


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