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Tribute to Lex Barker

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Die unsichtbaren Krallen des Dr. Mabuse

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Die unsichtbaren Krallen des Dr. Mabuse



Mysterious Dr. Mabuse tries to steal an invention that is able to make people invisible. When a secret agent who had been chasing Mabuse is found dead in a box, Joe Como comes into action.

Como and Inspector Brahm have a lot to do to disarm Mabuse and to save dancer Liane Martin.

Second Mabuse movie with Lex Barker. Interestign: one cast member is Wolfgang Preiss, one of Lex' dubbing actors (see "Away All Boats").

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Joe Como,  Dubbing actor: Gert Günther Hoffmann
Liane Martin
Kommissar Brahm
Prof. Erasmus
Primarius Krone
Clown Bobo/Martin Droste




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