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Tribute to Lex Barker

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Return of the Bad Men

Der Schrecken von Texas



Oklahoma 1889. Lawless outlaws, killers and thieves roam the country, sometimes joining to gangs and scaring people with their raids and robberies. Some of the most notorious outlaws were "Billy the Kid", "Wild Bill Doolin", "Sundance Kid", the "Younger Brothers" and the "Dalton Brothers".

One day a pretty woman named Cheyenne arrives, joining the gang of "Wild Bill" Doolin and Sundance Kid. She convinces the men to help her with a bank robberie in a small town called Baxton. The bank belongs to John Pettit and his daughter Madge. The raid is successful, but Madges little boy Johnny watches the robberie and alarms the town people. Now a wild shootout arises and the bandits flee in all directions. Cheyenne is able to escape carrying the money with her, but she is severely wounded. Farmer Vance Cordell encounters Cheyenne who becomes to weak to ride and takes her with him to his farm where he bandages her. When Cheyenne comes to she tries to flee but is too weak and faints.

A posse hot on the bandits' trail arrive at Vance' farm searching for Cheyenne but Vance is able to get rid of them. He convinces Cheyenne to give up and turn herself in. But the bandits, not willing to let Cheyenne get away with the money, attack the farm while Vance and Cheyenne are on their way to town...

Lex Barker plays the part of one of the Dalton brothers who join with Doolin's gang for a while but leave after some raids have failed. He has three different dubbing actors in this movie, only the first one could be named (See below). The sound bites at the pictures below match the right scenes.

Annotation: "Wild Bill Doolin", "Sundance Kid" and "Billy the Kid" and the gangs "Younger Brothers" and "Dalton Brothers" are historical. The Doolin gang and the Dalton gang really worked together for a while, but the rest of the story is pure fiction. More information about those persons and gangs can be found here:



Vance Cordell
Sundance Kid
Madge Allen
John J. Pettit
Emmett Dalton, 1st scene: Dubbing actor: Manfred Meurer Sound file of German dubbing actor,
further scenes with different dubbing actors
Sound file with Lex' own voice Sound file with Lex' own voice




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