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Twenty-Four Hours to Kill

In Beirut sind die Nächte lang/ Abrechnung in 24 Stunden



Forced by a malfunction to stay in Beirut for 24 hours the crew of an English airplane tries to make the best of it. Chief steward Norman Jones is extremely worried about their delay because he once embezzled 40.000 lbs. of a gang called the "Firm".

The firm tries by all means to kidnap Jones but Captain Faulkner and his crew guard Jones around the clock.

Pretty good gangster movie with a lot of stars. It was shot on location around Beirut obtaining a very realistic effect.



Captain Jamie Faulkner,  Dubbing actor: Gert Günther Hoffmann
Norman Jones
Tommy Gaskell
Kurt Hoffner
Louise Braganza
Franzi Bertram




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