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Travel reports

I collected some travel reports I received from Barkoholics who had been travelling on Lex Barker's traces and sent me a report and/or some pics. Lex Barker had either private connections to this places or he shot movies there. Enjoy!

I want to thank those who sent me their reports, first of all my friend Tanja!

The Villa Sheherezade in Dubrovnik

When shooting some of the Karl-May movies Lex Barker stayed in the Villa Sheherezade in Dubrovnik. This is a travel report by my friend from 2013 (the report is from 2013, not my friend! ).

In June of 2013 we were looking forward to the Karl-May event in Starigrad-Paklenica (Croatia) with guest star Marie Versini. At this opportunity we decided to spend some vacation days visiting Dubrovnik. Other than the wonderful old town with its romantic alleys, the old fortification wall with a gorgeous view over Dubrovnik, the sea and the offshore isles of course we wanted to visit the Villa "Sheherezade" where Lex Barker stayed during some shootings of Karl-May movies. This villa belongs to the Hotel "Argentina" and may be rented, butler included (

We stayed a bit out of town, so we handed a picture of villa "Sheherezade" to our taxi driver and after driving a twisting road he drove us directly to the entrance of the villa. We were very lucky there: the villa is surrounded by a high wall with very few possibilities to look inside but fortunately some bucket trees were delivered for a guest so the gate was open. As some curious tourists came out there we stepped in and found ourselves on a small platform with a little well and a good view on the backside of the villa, the pool, the park and the many, many steps leading down through the garden to the building.

It would have been very interesting to walk down the steps but because of the gardeners watching us frowning and the site being supervised by cameras we preferred to walk back. We didn't want to give up though so we asked at the reception of the hotel "Argentina" if we were allowed to walk through the wonderful park of villa "Sheherezade" but as we had thought the answer was negative. So we walked back to the old town, of course somewhat disappointed.

Strolling through the old town of Dubrovnik we came to the old harbor which was used for harbor tours for tourists. Great! Because the tour passed right along the villa "Sheherezade" one could have a great look at the impressing building from the seaside. So that's what we did right away! Unfortunately the weather was very windy so I felt rather queasy but what the hell! Back at the harbor we had quite a lot of great photos of the villa "Sheherezade" and the little gazebo on the cliff. I'm sure Lex could very well relax from the strenuous shootings at this wonderful mansion!

As for us we visited some of Dubrovnik's interesting museums and then arrived tired but happy at our little hotel. Two days later the next highlight was pending: the gorgeous location tour of the Karl-May event in Starigrad-Paklenica — but that's another story...