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This site is dedicated to unforgotten actor Lex Barker. Here you can find information about his life, his movies and career. Current news can be found here even though Lex Barker passed away way too young more than 30 years ago.

News can be found on this page or on page News and tidbits The latest updates are mentioned on the bottom of this page. Enjoy surfing on these sites and thank you for visiting! By the way: I'd appreciate entries in my guestbook




03-27-2023: Lex Barker - Memories

Lex Barker

May 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of Lex Barker’s death. The simpatico U.S. American actor still holds an iconic status in Germany. A new book is to be released on this occasion.

This book commemorates the story of his life - the life of a young World War II U.S. Major who in Hollywood, became famous as Tarzan the jungle man but who, at the same time, was pigeonholed in this genre, later finding himself on a success route again when he played the part of Old Shatterhand in German movies. And in Germany, the country of his former war enemies, he became the biggest matinée idol. His premature death abruptly ended his attempts of making a comeback in Hollywood.

This book documents the story of Barker’s life with all its ups and downs on the way to the peaks of his fame in Hollywood and in Europe. Filled with quotations, little stories about his personal history and his movies plus, first and foremost, many photos including very rare pictures of documents and belongings from Barker’s private archive, this book is a unique collection and documentation.

Thanks to the support of the Barker family who gave access to the private archives of the iconic actor, a book with a very special and personal touch came about.

11th May 2023 — Additional Info:

The book has been released by BoD as Hardcover-Version as well as Softcover-Version. These version is in German only, but a very special English version is supposed to be launched in the second half of the year 2023!

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