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In the day and age of Brad Pitts, Tom Cruises and Johnny Depps it's hard to remember those swashbuckling heroes like Errol Flynn, Gary Cooper and Robert Taylor. At best you may tune in one of them on TNT classic movies night and your kids will cry out in horror when they see the green tights.

One of the greatest of those heroes goes almost unnoticed in his native home of the U.S. Even though LEX BARKER became famous as TARZAN in five movies he never really made it in Hollywood and the American Film Industry.

In more than fifty movies LEX BARKER has starred as the personification of a hero: tall, handsome, suave, fearless. His superstardom in Europe (especially in Germany) in the late fifties and the sixties earned him some of the recognition he was looking for as an artist.

These pages pay tribute to him. I hope that in providing the pictures and infos about him, I am able to keep the memory of him and his work alive.

The first idea for these pages origined on Friday 8th of May 1998 - incidently LEX BARKERS birthday date...


As long as someone knows my name
as long as someone sings my song
as long as someone feels my pain
I'm living on

(Lyrics courtesy of Raven Newland)
Margrit in 2004