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I Misteri della Giungla Nera


In the northeastern part of India the "Thugs", a sect of the goddess Kali, practice their cruel sacrifices. When friends of tiger hunter Tremal Naik are killed by the Thugs, Tremal and his devoted friend Kammamuri want to avenge them.

On the island of Ramangai he accidentally finds the secret entrance to their subterranean temple. To his greatest astonishment he also finds with the Thugs a girl named Ada which he encounterd shortly before falling in love with her immediately. She seems to be Kalis priestess and slave. Tremal tries to free her but is caught by the High Priest Suyodhana and stabbed, considered to be dead.

But Kammamuri finds Tremal and nurses him. They both return to the temple to save Ada but again they are caught. Suyodhana offers Tremal a deal: Tremal and his friends are set free if Tremal agrees to kill English Captain MacPherson. Tremal has no choice and accepts.

Disguised as an English soldier Tremal gets access to the Garrison but is caught when he tries to kill MacPherson. The English learn everything about Tremals deal and the girl Ada. MacPherson is electrified when he hears the name "Ada" who turns out to be his daughter.

Immediately the English leave the Garrison to free Ada but MacPherson is captured by the Thugs and is to be sacrificed. When Tremal, who returned to the temple to free his friends, learns that MacPherson is Ada's father he frees him, too, and together they are able to escape. Everythings seems to have a Happy Ending now.

The story continues in La Vendetta dei Thugs, both movies were shot together. Some years later Lex will again have to fight the Thugs in the two-parter Kali Yug, la Dea della Vendetta and Il Misterio del Tempio Indiano

I own this movie in French, the 2nd part in English, so you can easily compare the two voices.



Tremal Naik (dubbed in French), Sound file of French dubbing actor (73 Kb), Sound file of French dubbing actor (170 Kb)
Captain MacPherson
Sergeant Claridge
Major Kennedy




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