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La Scimitarra del Saraceno


Adventurer and son of former notorious pirate "Red Corsair" Roberto Diego has been sentenced to dungeon when they get word that the gouvernors daughter Bianca has been kidnapped by notorious pirate Drakut the "Dragon". Roberto offers to save her and some secret documents which are in Drakut's hands, too, in exchange for his freedom.

But not only the official order of the Venecian government makes Roberto follow the pirate but even more his personal revenge on Drakut who once was to blame for the death of Roberto's father.

He signs up on Drakut's ship and finds painter Francesco as an ally. Together they find out about Drakut's affection for Bedouin princess Miriam.

Things become complicated when Roberto falls in love with Bianca while Drakut's love Miriam becomes interested in Roberto...

The character of Drakut is one of very few "bad guys" that Lex played during his career.



Drakut, the Dragon,  Dubbing actor: Ernst Meincke Sound file of German dubbing actor (96 Kb)
Roberto Diego
Francesco, the Catalonian




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