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Frauenarzt Dr. Sibelius


Dr. Sibelius is a successful and esteemed gynaecologist who can hardly sustain his wife's pathological jealousy. Elisabeth who can have no children of her own envies young women who give birth to their children with Dr. Sibelius' help.

One day Dr. Sibelius sees Sabine, his former love interest again and is shocked to learn that she is incurably sick. He doesn't tell her the truth and instead makes her believe that he still loves her and will marry her after getting divorced from his wife.

When Sabine's sister Susanne rents a room in Sibelius' home Elisabeth becomes terribly jealous and suspects her and then Sabine, too, to betray her, not knowing how sick Sabine really is. But there are people in the hospital, too, who would like to see handsome and successful Dr. Sibelius in even bigger trouble...



Dr. Georg Sibelius,  Dubbing actor: Gert Günther Hoffmann
Elisabeth Sibelius
Sabine Hellmann
Susanne Hellmann
Dr. Möllendorf




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