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Il Terrore della Maschera Rossa


Marco, a soldier without a commander seeking for new tasks and adventures finally enters service with the cruel count Astolfo. Soon he doubts his masters righteousness but feels very much attracted by Jolanda, his masters niece and so he stays. Astolfo is threatened by "The Red Mask", a knight who covers his face with a red mask, and a group of outlaws who help the suppressed and fight against Astolfo wherever possible.

One day a group of gypsies perform for the count and Karima, a gypsy woman, fells in love with Marco. Soon contentions between the gypsies and the count arise causing quarrels and fights and Marco starts to feel sympathy for the gypsies and the Red Mask. When Marco is caught by Astolfo and is to be cruelly killed the Red Mask attacks...

In the class of Lex' Italian films this one belongs to the upper middle class.



Marco,  Dubbing actor: Peter Pasetti Sound file of German dubbing actor (108 Kb)
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Movie is available on DVD  Movie is available on DVD

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