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Il Boia di Venezia


The republic of Venice makes war on Austria and Spain. Those two countries support the pirates fighting against the doge of Venice Giovanni Bembo who tries to defeat them.

Sandrigo, a foundling and now son of the doge of Venice is engaged to Leonora Darin. But inquisitor Rodrigo Zeno who wants to have Leonora for himself tries to prevent this marriage. He has great influence on the Government by the Council of Ten and he manages to arrest Sandrigo at his wedding day stating that Sandrigo cooperates with the pirates.

The thieves and begglars of the district "Corte die miracoli" (court of miracles) in Venice who look upon Sandrigo as their benefactor try to free him. But Rodrigo has still another plan to get rid of Sandrigo once and for all: he hires pirate Guarnieri who hates the Doge of Venice so much that he acts as the hangman of Venice. He lets Sandrigo escape and sends Guarnieri after him. Guarnieri and Sandrigo have a fierce fight and Sandrigo fells into a canal, severly injured.

His friends from the court of miracles save his life and nurse him to health. Now Sandrigo tries to reveal Rodrigos intrigues but gets caught again by treachery. Now he and Leonora who resisted to marry Rodrigo Zeno shall be executed by the hangman of Venice ...

Lex' last and one of the best Italian films!



Sandrigo Bembo,  Dubbing actor: Horst Niendorf Sound file of German dubbing actor (149 Kb)
Rodrigo Zeno
Leonora Darin
Doge Giovanni Bembo




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