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Apache Gold


Though a by-passing is planned mobster Santer wants to build a railroad line through the territory of the Apaches. Winnetou tries to come to a peacefull solution with him but fails, his teacher Klekih Petra is shot by Santer, Winnetou is captured and handed over to the Kiowas.

Old Shatterhand frees him without being recognized. Winnetou and his warriors attack the mobsters' base which is already besieged by Old Shatterhand. He is seriously hurt by Winnetou, he and his friends are captured by the Apaches.

Old Shatterhand is to prove their innocence by an ordeal.

Together with "Der Schatz im Silbersee" the best Karl-May-Movie ever. Very impressing: The water fight between Old Shatterhand and Intschu Tschuna.

See review by Mouse.



Old Shatterhand, Dubbing actor: Gert Günther Hoffmann Sound file of German dubbing actor (440 Kb)
Sound file with Lex' own voice Sound file with Lex' own voice - see Infos about the Karl-May-DVD boxes
Frederic Santer
Nscho Tschi
Sam Hawkens




Movie is available on DVD  Movie is available on DVD

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