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Treasure of Silver Lake


Notorious tramp gang leader Col. Brinkley murdered engineer Erik Engel to get his half of a secret map leading to the treasure of silver lake. Engel's son Fred leaves at once to catch the murderer and meets Old Shatterhand and Winnetou who promise to help him find the tramps.

While Old Shatterhand, Fred, Trapper Sam Hawkens, and Gunstick Uncle are riding to Butler's Farm Winnetou finds the tramps' camp and overhears their future plans. He learns that they plan to attack the farm because Engel's friend Patterson who owns the second half of the map lives there.

The tramps attack Butler's Farm and Old Shatterhand and his friends try to withstand as long as they can. When Patterson and his daughter Ellen return from a ride they are captured by the tramps and can be freed only by a trick. But now the Colonel has got the second half of the treasure map. Finally Winnetou arrives with his friends, the Osage indians, to rescue the farm and Fred Engel manages to get back one half of the map.

Now they all decide to go to the silver lake and search for the treasure. But Brinkley who didn't give up his plans attacks an indian village of the Utahs and kills all women and children. The furious Utah warriors capture Old Shatterhand and his men thinking they had killed their people. Old Shatterhand has to fight a duel against the indians' chief Big Wolf. He defeats the chief and they continue their ride to the silver lake. But Col. Brinkley and his men are on the same way...



Old Shatterhand,  Dubbing actor: Horst Niendorf Sound file of German dubbing actor (148 Kb)
soundbites from English version, but I doubt that this is Lex' own voice! - see Infos about the Karl-May-DVD boxes
Cornel Brinkley
Fred Engel
Ellen Patterson
Sam Hawkens
Lord Castlepool




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