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The Strange Awakening


Peter Chance waves Goodbye to his wife Iris on the Monaco airport. On his way back home he picks up a hitchhiker not realising that he is a thief who just wants his car and his wallet. They get into a fight and Peter ends up hitting a tree with his head lying unconscious.

Taken to a hospital he can't be identified because his wallet is missing. But the doctor says he knows him, he is Gordon Philip Brendon Friend jr., son of a rich recently deceased American.

Peter awakes in the Friends' mansion but suffers from amnesia not knowing who he really is. His "mother" explanes to him that he is Gordon Philip Brendon Friend jr. and he has a sister named Marny and a wife named Selena. He is worried because those persons and names don't mean a thing to him.

Slowly he wonders about some strange things, some vague pieces of memory start to come back and he begins to doubt his new identity. When he finds a photograph of the real Gordon he recognizes that he has been fooled and starts to put things together. But this leads him to realize that his life is in great danger...

A well done and suspenseful thriller with a convincing Lex in a really good role albeit he spends most of his time in a wheelchair.



Peter Chance,
Sound file with Lex' own voice Sound file with Lex' own voice
Selena Friend
Marny Friend
Mrs. Friend
Dr. Rene Normand




Movie is available on DVD  Movie is available on DVD

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