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Movie with seven episodes, each starring Shirley MacLaine.

Episode "Edith":

In this episode Shirley MacLaine plays the spouse of a famous writer, who describes in his books the most fascinating and chichi women. In a supermarket she is asked where her husband gets these ideas with her being so unimpressive. This makes her realise her "normality" and she tries to attrack her husband's attention by rather strange means — confusing him very much...

The German DVD has some additional scenes which are missing in the original German version. It has a new dubbing, too. Below you can compare the three voices: Lex, original dubbing (Gert Günther Hoffmann) and DVD dubbing (Wolf Frass), each in the same scene.




Edith (and 6 more characters)
Original German speaker: Gert Günther Hoffmann Sound file of German dubbing actor (311 Kb)
DVD dubbing: Wolf Frass Sound file of German dubbing actor (312 Kb)
Sound file with Lex' own voice Sound file with Lex' own voice
Dr. Xavier
Customer at the supermarket
Marianne, the maid




Movie is available on DVD  Movie is available on DVD

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