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Treasure of the Aztecs


In 1864 Mexico is torn by a civil war between Kaiser Maximilian who was inaugurated by Napoleon III, and Benito Juarez who was elected by the people. Juarez' friend Dr. Sternau is on his way to Don Fernando de Rodriganda y Sevilla's hacienda in a secret mission for Juarez. On his way he has several confrontations with Juarez' Captain Verdoja which make him his deadly enemy.

Sternau and his traveling companions André Hasenpfeffer, Lt. Potoca and his old friend Frank Wilson manage to free Rosita, daughter of the hacienda trustee and her friend Aztec princess Karja from some Chichimec indians.

Unfortunately Don Fernando is not at home and before Dr. Sternau can meet him in Mexico city the count is deadly wounded in a duell to which his dishounorable son Alfonso was challenged.

Alfonso's mistress Josefa wants to get rid of Dr. Sternau to get Don Fernando's heritage for Alfonso and herself. Additionally she demands Alfonso to court Karja to make her reveal the secret of the Aztec's treasure which is known only by Karja and her ancestor Flathouani, the last Aztec priest.

Meanwhile Dr. Sternau gets the most dangerous mission by Juarez to spy out the French's war preparations. He is caught by French soldiers but can be freed by his friends. But then he is discovered by Captain Verdoja who has long been searching for an opportunity to avenge himself on him...


The story ends with a cliffhanger and is continued in "Pyramid of the Sun God". Both movies were shot together.



Dr. Karl Sternau,  Dubbing actor: Gert G√ľnther Hoffmann Sound file of German dubbing actor (113 Kb)
Count Alfonso di Rodriganda y Sevilla
Captain Verdoja
Rosita Arbellez
Lieutenant Potoca
André Hasenpfeffer
Frank Wilson
Don Fernando di Rodriganda y Sevilla
Don Pedro Arbellez




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