Tribute to Lex Barker

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Travel reports

I collected some travel reports I received from Barkoholics who had been travelling on Lex Barker's traces and sent me a report and/or some pics. Lex Barker had either private connections to this places or he shot movies there. Enjoy!

I want to thank those who sent me their reports, first of all my friend Tanja!

Travelling on Lex Barker's traces in Luzern

In october 2012 we were invited to join a Karl-May movie sunday in switzerland and of course we visited the wonderful city of Luzern. Even the first snow and a cold wind couldn't prevent us from travelling on Lex Barker's traces.

Our first destination was one of the towers at the Musegg wall which belongs to the historic city fortification situated on a hill with some steps leading upward. It wasn't easy to find Lex' position on the photo because of some signs hiding a clear view. Maybe Barker stood on the lawn instead of the stairs. Unfortunately there is a fence today so you can't step on the lawn anymore.

Tower today Tower with Lex
The tower today... ...and with Lex

From here we walked to the hotel "Des Balances" where Lex stayed several times. Because of the chilly weather we decided to visit the hotel's restaurant to warm up a bit and have a cup of coffee and some cake. Meanwhile we could enjoy the beautiful ambience of the "Restaurant Balances".

Hotel today Hotel in the past
Nowadays view from the hotel where Lex stayed several times ...and the same view with Lex and his family
Hotel today Hoetel in the past
View from the hotel to the tower ...and now with Lex

After a short break we continued our way passing the Kapell bridge (the town's landmark and oldest wooden bridge in Europe) and the water tower looking for the spot where Christopher Barker had been standing with his grandmother.

View overlooking Luzern nowadays View overlooking Luzern with Christopher
View overlooking Luzern nowadays and... ...with Christopher and his grandmother

The nasty cold and windy weather made us return back to our hotel earlier than we had planned. Anyway we took some wonderful memories from our little trip to Luzern with us.

We want to thank Gaby and Thomas for their competent guiding tour through Luzern and for their permission to present some of their photos here.

Text: Tanja

Pictures: Tanja, Thomas and Gaby

Further information and impressions on Luzern can be found here:

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