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El Secreto de los Hombres Azules

Karawane nach Zagora (TV: Der Schatz der Suleika)



Mogador 1850: Wealthy salesman Don Pedro and his daughter Suzanne arrive at Mogador together with adventurer Fred. Suzanne seems to have a crush on Fred who is not only good looking but strong and brave which he proves in saving slaves from been struck by some cargo.

Fred, Don Pedro and Suzanne join a caravan heading for Zagora. There a rumors about a treasure somewhere out in the desert near a sign like an omega symbol and some members of the caravan intend to search for it. A sudden sandstorm arises in which Fred is separated from the caravan and drifted to a tuareg village. There he discovers not only the mysterious omega symbol but his love for Malika, a tuareg girl, too.

When some deceitful traders try to kill Fred and take the treasure for themselves Fred has to fight not only for his own life...



Fred, Dubbing actor: Michael Telloke Sound file of German dubbing actor (104 Kb), movie dubbing: Wolfgang Eichberger
Don Pedro


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