Tribute to Lex Barker

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Die Unbesiegten



1763: Though innocent Abby Hale has been condemned to slavery in the American colonies. Capt. Holden buys her and sets her free, but soon she is captured by the Seneca who are on the warpath to figth all whites...

Lex Barker plays an american officer and shall appear on the ship during the auction. By now I never managed to discover him in the German TV-version.

I got the following picture from an American Barker-fan showing an American officer and drummer when the fort is attacked, shortly after Garth' wife had been killed. Not very much to be seen, but the officer could be Lex... . I'd appreciate any further information or confirmation on this!



Capt. Holden
Abigail Martha Hale
Martin Garth
Chief Guyasuta, Chief of the Seneca tribe
American officer? (not credited)


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