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Capitan Fuoco

Rebell ohne Gnade (TV-Titel: Robin Hood, der Rebell)



In the Apennin Mountains are two counties, Roccalta, governed by decent and just Count Gualtiero, the other one by Baron Oddo who suppresses his subjects and therefore causes discontentment and rebellions. Hunter Pietro helps and supports the suppressed people as much as he can.

One day Pietro who hunted and shot a wild pig is caught and arrested by Gualtieros soldiers. Pietro sees Gualtiero's daughter Helena and immediately likes her. Count Gualtiero wants to hire him because he's an excellent hunter but Pietro prefers to keep his independence.

Baron Oddo wants to win Roccalta for himself tries to force Helena to marry him but she turns him down. So he concocts a mean plan: he kills Count Gualtiero and blames Pietro for this by faking evidence to get rid of him once and for all.

An old hermit shows Pietro and his men a cave where they can hide while Helena, beguiled by Oddo, sends her soldiers to chase Pietro...


The very last scenes of the movie are dubbed by different speakers.



Pietro,  Dubbing actor: Peter Pasetti Sound file of German dubbing actor (107 Kb)
und Reent Reins Sound file of German dubbing actor (103 Kb)
Helena di Roccalta
Baron Oddo di Serra
Count Gualtiero di Roccalta
Capitan Manfredo


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