Tribute to Lex Barker

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The Farmer's Daughter

Die Farmerstochter



Farmer's daughter Katrin Holstrom leaves her home to become a nurse in capital city. Having lost all her money on her way to town she is forced to accept a job as a waitress in senator Glenn Morley's household.

Unfortunately she has a different political point of view and, most embarrassing, she talks about it...

Nice comedy with a lot of stars, first real little role for Lex Barker, who plays one of her brothers.

Oscar for Loretta Young and Charles Bickford.



Katrin Holstrom
Glenn Morley
Mrs. Morley
Olaf Holstrom,  Dubbing actor: Lutz Mackensy Sound file of German dubbing actor (120 Kb)
Sound file with Lex' own voice Sound file with Lex' own voice
Peter Holstrom


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