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Rudi-Carrell Show

Rudi-Carrell Show



This sketch is part of a TV series called "Rudi Carrells Sketche mit Prominenten" ("Rudi Carrell's sketches with prominents"). This sketch was first aired on June 5th 1971. Rudi Carrell was a well known Dutch showmaster in Germany in the sixties up to the eighties.

Winnetou and his sister Nscho-Tschi are talking in front of their tipi. Old Shatterhand arrives and tells about his trip. Nscho-Tschi then asks both to become blood brothers.

Now Rudi Carrell plays the sketch again with the same text, but this time with "modern" actors, just slightly varied: the tent is on a camping ground, the hostile indians have changed to a traffic jam, and the blood is tomato ketchup. In the meantime Lex and the others play their sketch again, but this time less heroic...

In the end Rudi Carrell promotes the "Glücksspirale", a well known charitable lottery.

Rudi Carrell passed away on July 7th 2006 from lung cancer at the age of 71. Thank you, Rudi, for one of the last live appearances of Lex in Germany!

The main actors were: Lex Barker, Pierre Brice, Marie Versini, Klaus Havenstein and of course Rudi Carrell.




On YouTube you can see the sketch completely:

(You have to enable java-script to see the videos.)


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