Tribute to Lex Barker

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Half Breed

Winnetou und das Halbblut Apanatschi



Apanatschi, daughter of a white settler and an indian woman, is given a goldmine as gift for her 21th birthday. The Curly-Bill-Gang gets to know about it and tries to steal the gold. Old Shatterhand and Winnetou go into action...

Lex Barker's part is hardly more than a guest-appearance (13 min totally!) in this movie, that has nearly nothing in common with Karl-May.



Old Shatterhand,  Dubbing actor: Gert G√ľnther Hoffmann Sound file of German dubbing actor (192 Kb)
Sound file with Lex' own voice Sound file with Lex' own voice
(see infos on the Karl-May-DVD boxes)
Jeff Brown
Sam Hawkens


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