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Tribute to Lex Barker

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This site is dedicated to unforgotten actor Lex Barker. Here you can find information about his life, his movies and career. Current news can be found here even though Lex Barker passed away way too young more than 30 years ago.

News can be found on this page or on page News and tidbits The latest updates are mentioned on the bottom of this page. Enjoy surfing on these sites and thank you for visiting! By the way: I'd appreciate entries in my guestbook

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February 25th 2017: Actor from Introducing Dorothy Dandridge identified!

After many years of searching (see here) the name of the actor who played Lex' Tarzan character in the movie "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge" he is identified! In the IMDB he is mentioned as Tyrone Wade. Many thanks to Ted and his friend who dug out and sent me this information!

June 6th 2015: Pierre Brice passed away

Pierre Brice

On June 6th 2015 Pierre Brice, longtime bloodbrother of Lex Barker and the one and only Winnetou of the Karl-May movies of the Sixties, passed away in Paris, aged 86 years.

Seven times he played together with Lex in the Karl-May movies as Winnetou and Old Shatterhand, additionally in the western "A Place called Glory". All together he played Winnetou eleven times on the big screen, a character which should have great effect on his further life. He will be greatly missed by his fans!

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Latest Updates:

Date Page What's new
2017-03-26 Barkwatch: Lex on German TV
2016-01-24 Books and movies: The Rudi-Carrell show with Lex will be released by Pidax in March 2016.
2015-10-04 Dubbing: Link to Czech homepage with dubbing actors
2014-12-24 Travel reports: X-mas special: travel report from Lex' Villa in Croatia
2014-02-23 Mr. Dynamit - Morgen küßt Euch der Tod: Hint on BND publication added


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