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Tribute to Lex Barker

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I grew up in the 60ies with the Karl May books and movies and since then Lex Barker has been a very special person to me. So when I had the chance to contribute to this site which was originally constructed by Mouse and Sunshine I easily decided to do so and I'm glad that I can help to keep his memory alive.

By now I added a lot of information and hope to have an up-to-date layout — at least a bit ... I appreciate any information, correction, comments and so on on this site!

Hint: This is a private website dedicated to the memory of Lex Barker. With my page "Books and more" I just want to offer a service to Lex' fans so that they can find some interesting topics on Lex. I can't guarantee these infos or topics to be complete or currently available. I took some pictures and sound files from my TV, few are taken from other websites or DVDs. They are just meant to illustrate the information on Lex and his films, they are not meant to hurt any copyrights.

If anyone wants to use some of these infos, pictures or sound files, please ask me in advance. I explicitly do not allow direct linking on pictures, sounds or other parts of my site from other homepages!

I don't take any responsibility for links and their contents.


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